Photo Flashbacks: Our favourite Angkor Ruins…

EVERYBODY who has been to Cambodia has no doubt been to Siem Reap and taken a trip up to nearby Angkor – the ancient city that served as the seat of the Khmer Empire between AD802 to 1351. Whilst it’s

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‘Home is where the heart is’ – The End of an Epic Adventure…

After an amazing two and a half months, we said goodbye to Melbourne with a slap up three course meal prepared by Rich and his sister Sarah. They slaved for hours to cook up a feast of roast chestnuts, pork

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Sunsets and Beer: The true essence of travelling…

Some of our best travel memories involve sitting by a river or ocean in a far flung land and sipping beer as the sun goes down. You really can’t beat that feeling of utter contentment as the sun warms both

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