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Cordon Bleu in a camper van…

Okay, whilst Cordon Bleu may be a bit of an overstatement when it comes to describing our efforts at campervan cooking, it’s amazing just what you can rustle up on a two ring stove! Before we started out on our

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Laos Sleeper buses, Sunsets and Stupidity!..

Our first experience of a Laos ‘sleeper’ – yet previous trips have proved that sleeping on these things is near impossible!

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Nothing much in Pakse…. except ATMs!! 2

So we left our last post speeding away from Don Khon (4000 Islands) in a little wooden boat towards Nakasang, where we were to catch a minibus to Pakse. We hopped on a (quite clean) 8-seater, which actually only had

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Safeguarding your holiday snaps 2

When you’re backpacking across the world it’s not that easy to pick up souvenirs from the countries you have visited and haul them with you until you return home. So often, the photographs that you take along the way are

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Easy overland travel: Hong Kong to Hanoi… 2

Since we have just completed the China to Vietnam stretch of our trip without any major hitches we thought we’d better tell you how we did it, in case you want to follow suit!! Our plan for China – Vietnam

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Visas, Hot Pots & Dim Sum in Honky! 1

Well, we’re now up to our last night in Hong Kong before our 2-day trip to Hanoi, Vietnam, so time to recap on what we’ve been up to the last couple of days!! On Saturday (after lunch at Cafe de

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How NOT to plan a RTW trip! 6

I’ve been away from the blogging seat for a couple of weeks now as we’ve been so busy trying to sort out tying up loose ends, cancelling our entire life in the UK and basically trying to get into a

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