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Solo Adventure Travel…in Egypt!

Would you love to go travelling, but are nervous or concerned about jetting off on your own? This isn’t an unusual problem but don’t dismiss it, as it can be an incredibly rewarding experience, albeit a little nerve-wracking at times!

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Photo Flashbacks…Health & Safety in Iran!

[singlepic id=4158 w=340 h=520 float=center] Just one of the pics that left us open mouthed in Iran – a child riding in the back of a pick up truck on the motorway! We were continuously amazed by the amount of

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Guns, Camels and Sufi festivals… 6

After an already eventful 24 hours in Pakistan, we were up early for the journey to Sukkur. We were pre-warned that the roads may not be the best and that there was a danger of flooding en route, so were

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Bridges and Bongos in Esfahan 0

En route to Esfahan we visited a Tabatabaei Historical House – a really grand, rural household which gave us a great insight into how people used to live in that part of the country. It was getting so hot by

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The holiday is over and now the real adventure begins! 5

In our last post we asked you to wish us luck for the next couple of weeks – this is because we’re heading into a couple of countries that not a lot of people ever venture into for varying reasons!

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We’re in Iran and are instant millionaires! 2

[singlepic id=820 w=620 h=440 float=center]Just got to Tabriz in Iran. Very hot here but we are now official millionaires having just exchanged our cash for Iranian Rial! A heads up to our ‘Facebook Friends’ and Twitter Followers – both FB

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