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Travelling between Java to Bali (Guest Post)

Travelling between Indonesia’s best-known islands is a lot easier than most backpackers might think. Having done the trip myself, soon after finishing a stint teaching English in Vietnam, I found out just how straightforward it is. Looking to do the same? Here’s how I’d recommend tackling this epic adventure of booze, beaches and bare-naked Aussies!

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Nothing much in Pakse…. except ATMs!! 2

So we left our last post speeding away from Don Khon (4000 Islands) in a little wooden boat towards Nakasang, where we were to catch a minibus to Pakse. We hopped on a (quite clean) 8-seater, which actually only had

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Safeguarding your holiday snaps 2

When you’re backpacking across the world it’s not that easy to pick up souvenirs from the countries you have visited and haul them with you until you return home. So often, the photographs that you take along the way are

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In the news already! 3

The excitement is most certainly building for our trip now, especially after we were featured in the local paper here in Ipswich!

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