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Mosques and Madness in Istanbul 0

So, Istanbul (and Turkey as a whole!) wasn’t a place that either of us were ever particularly interested in visiting. The only experiences of Turkey either of us have had were of Kebabs (Rich) and shall we say slightly ‘leery’

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Bulgariawwww 1

[singlepic id=684 w=620 h=440 float=center] Crossing over to Bulgaria from Serbia was great scenery-wise as we drove through the Balkan Mountain range. The road winded right through them, passing rocky cliffs, rolling hills and tiny villages so we just had

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Sweetcorn and bomb sites in Belgrade 5

Now, Belgrade isn’t exactly the first place you would think of to visit – Serbia in general just sounds a bit scary so we really didn’t know what to think. We imagined that Serbia would look completely deserted and on

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Hungary for…Ket Rotzsa!

Wow. This is the one word we have to describe Budapest. Not at all what we expected and I’m not too sure what that even was. The first thing that we noticed about the city was its cool vibe.

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Apple Strudel and street parties!

Well we’ve had an adventurous couple of days and no time to write any blog posts since we left Prague! I’m writing this sat on the bus to Belgrade – it’s quite a smooth journey with no traffic as it

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Where am I? 0

So, we are on day 5 (i think) and in Vienna. Am losing track of the countries by now -we still have our water bottles from Germany but left there like two days ago! Prague was great – I have

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To Heidelburg, Germany and beyond!..

Day two and an early start of 8am for the Oz Bus massive. Bruges to Heidelburg in Germany was apparently going to be around 600 kilometres – a journey that would take at least 6 hours! Was not looking forward

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Finally we’re off! 5

Well, after a nightmare week of packing and moving stuff into storage we finally got our backpacks filled (4 hours after starting and emptying and re-filling a few times) and have now embarked on our trip of a lifetime!

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