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From Cambodia to Laos – off the beaten track

We go off the beaten track, planning a route to Laos which would give us an unadulterated look at the ‘real’ Cambodia. Here’s what happened next…

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Stranded in Vientiane, Laos! 1

So we’ve been stranded in Vientiane, Laos, for the last four days waiting to get our visa for Thailand after a slight oversight on our part. Ordinarily we wouldn’t be bothered about having to hang around in a beautiful country

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Laos Sleeper buses, Sunsets and Stupidity!..

Our first experience of a Laos ‘sleeper’ – yet previous trips have proved that sleeping on these things is near impossible!

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Nothing much in Pakse…. except ATMs!! 2

So we left our last post speeding away from Don Khon (4000 Islands) in a little wooden boat towards Nakasang, where we were to catch a minibus to Pakse. We hopped on a (quite clean) 8-seater, which actually only had

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