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How Travel Has Changed Us…

As well as making a decision to be more tolerant of people’s shortcomings; make an effort to understand other people’s history and to appreciate the simple things in life, there are several ways that our trip has changed us personally…

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More Memories of an Epic Adventure…

Oh the memories! Carrying on with our trip down memory lane where we shared the highs, lows and regrets we had during our 11 month overland trip, we have now turned our thoughts towards the memories and places that affected

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Highs and Lows of an Epic Adventure…

When Richard and I first decided to go travelling we didn’t know quite what to expect. Having never been on anything more adventurous than a two week holiday to Spain, we were inevitably apprehensive about what we would encounter on

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Safeguarding your holiday snaps 2

When you’re backpacking across the world it’s not that easy to pick up souvenirs from the countries you have visited and haul them with you until you return home. So often, the photographs that you take along the way are

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