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Most and least tourist-friendly countries….really?

So the World Economic Forum has just released a list of the world’s most and least tourist-friendly countries…but I’m not quite convinced by the results! Places like Iceland, New Zealand, or Morocco, came out on top as the friendliest countries in the world but Bolivia, Venezuela, and Russia all hug the bottom of the list….

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Photo Flashbacks… Um, there are some camels in the road

[singlepic id=4140 w=520 h=340 float=center] [singlepic id=4139 w=520 h=340 float=center] Somewhere along the road between Hyderbad and Sukkur in Pakistan we spotted a few dots on the horizon which turned out to be hundreds of camels walking towards us! They

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Welcome to Pizza Hut, Welcome to Pakistan! 1

Well it’s our last night in Pakistan and time to recap on the last couple of days! After Sukkur, our next stop was Multan – a very hardline Islamic town where we didn’t quite know what to expect! Going to

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Guns, Camels and Sufi festivals… 6

After an already eventful 24 hours in Pakistan, we were up early for the journey to Sukkur. We were pre-warned that the roads may not be the best and that there was a danger of flooding en route, so were

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Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan! 1

What a mad couple of days! Left Tehran to catch a flight to Karachi (via Bahrain) what seems like days ago but was in fact only yesterday! Since then we’ve had a multitude of eye-opening experiences which have just added

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