A Mediterranean Feast for the Senses…Malta

A Mediterranean Feast for the Senses…Malta

Time for a guest post from our friends at MyDestinationInfo! With delights for holiday-makers and travellers alike, Malta is one of the Mediterranean’s must visits!…

Nestled in the mid-Mediterranean, Malta and its surrounding islands have more to offer than first meets the eye. A feast for the senses; you will find vibrant nightlife, culinary delight in Malta’s varied restaurants, sporting activities, luxury spas and more and all only a 3 hour flight away from the UK….

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Where to Stay

When looking for places to stay in Malta, contrary to popular belief you will find accommodation for both travellers on a budget and the luxury end of the market. Hostel Malti, a relatively new hostel on the Malta scene, has had rave reviews and is a true hit with its clean rooms, affordable prices and relaxed but fun atmosphere. Situated in St Julian’s it is centrally located and just a hop, skip and a slightly drunken jump to the clubbing district, Paceville. For those looking for a more upmarket, luxury experience, Fortina Spa is one of Malta’s most revered 5* resorts – and with views of the capital Valletta’s bastion walls it’s easy to see why. Renowned also for its spa and wellness treatments, you could spend endless days pampering both body and soul. To make a booking at Hostel Malti or Fortina Spa: visit www.hostelmalti.com or www.fortinasparesort.com.

Gourmet Malta

The island’s rich history and specific geography have given its cuisine a delightful mix of flavours; from Gozo’s famous sheep’s cheese, gbejniet, to one of the country’s most talked about dishes, rabbit, you can find this type of traditional cuisine in most of Malta’s restaurants. Whether you are dining silver-service style at the Corinthia Palace Hotel or having a lunchtime feast at local restaurant Rubino’s in the centre of Valletta, you will find delectable local dishes and a surprising selection of wines that the locals are very proud of, and rightly so.

Active Malta

For active travellers; one of the most appealing aspects of Malta is its compact size, making its wealth of activities: diving, rock climbing, mountain biking, sailing, windsurfing or sea-kayaking easy to work into your visit, and most importantly, you can take part under clear blue skies!

When to Go

Ideally, the perfect time to visit Malta is during the bleak British winter. Again due to its geography, as close to Africa as it is to Europe, the weather remains clear, warm and fresh. While northern Europe hibernates, Malta offers the perfect climate for exploring the country’s deep archaeological history, hiking through the cliffs, or simply relaxing in sun.

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By Harriet Chubb

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