A night in Melbourne and visit to the Capital…

After traversing the Great Ocean Road we arrived in the city of Melbourne for a one night stopover, before continuing to Canberra. We arrived late afternoon and went straight out to get some lunch at a noodle bar near our hotel, then spent a few hours sorting out our photos from the day before.

That evening most of the group went to a BBQ at the house of fellow Ozbuser Natalie, who lives just outside Melbourne, but Richard and I had other plans. We had arranged to meet up with his long lost sister, Sarah, who moved to Oz around 12 years ago and who he hasn’t seen since! We took tram 57 into the city centre, which dropped us off at the famous Flinders Street Railway Station.

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Sarah was waiting for us in a pub called Young & Jacksons with her other half Markus. Any nerves that may have been there soon disappeared as we headed up to the rooftop cider bar and began chatting about our travels, Australia and life in general! After a few drinks, they took us to a couple of other bars – one right by the Yarra River – where we continued to get to know each other.

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We rounded off the night with the most awesome Lamb Kebabs, before saying our goodbyes and jumping in a cab back to the hotel. It was a pity that we had such an early start the next morning, otherwise we could have stayed out a lot longer. It was a great night and we have pledged to return to Melbourne within the next couple of months so we can see more of Sarah and the City!

The next day we set off for the Australian capital, Canberra, which is just over 600kms from Melbourne. Aside from a quick lunch stop we drove straight there and arrived just in time to visit Parliament House before it closed at 5pm. The building is very impressive – the key feature being the huge flagpole which sits above it’s roof.

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Inside we saw the House of Representative’s meeting room, as well as Queen Victoria’s table and the original copy of the Australian’s ‘Apology to Australia’s Indigenous People’.

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On the way to our hotel we stopped off at the Australian War Memorial.

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That evening we had our last ever Oz Bus group meal at the Hogs Breath Cafe in the centre of the city. The meal was fantastic – Richard had a delicious steak sandwich with curly fries and I had a BBQ beef wrap which was so big I had to eat it with a knife and fork! We all said a big thank you to our Aussie guide Mark, who has been absolutely fantastic throughout the last couple of weeks and also to our Oz Bus guide Michelle, who I’m sure is looking forward to having a break from looking after us!

We didn’t stay up too late after the meal as we knew that we had a really long day ahead of us the following day. Our last bus trip was taking us to Sydney for the New Year’s celebrations, so we made sure we had a good night’s sleep in order to make the most out of the upcoming festivities..!


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