Africa’s Big Five… in Wiltshire!!

Africa’s Big Five… in Wiltshire!!

Yes that’s right… Lions, Elephant, Buffalo, Rhinos and Leopards, right here in the UK…, and NOT in a Zoo!

Longleat Safari Park is somewhere I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go, ever since I watched Animal Park on the BBC, with the lovely Ben Fogle and Kate Humble (v posh, v lovely TV presenters for those of you who aren’t from this neck of the woods!!). And my 30th birthday this year was the perfect opportunity for my very thoughtful boyfriend to surprise me with a trip to ‘Wiltshire’s wilderness’ as part of a two night trip to beautiful Devon!

NOW… not knowing that I was going there, and Tom not being the most organised of people, NEITHER of us had a camera with us!!! We only had our smartphones and mine was already beeping at me ‘LOW BATTERY’ by the time we neared Longleat. Despite all the odds against us however, we managed to cobble together some amazing photos of our day, which I am about share with you now..!

Welcome to Longleat!!

Welcome to Longleat Safari

It was a beautiful sunny day!
Beautiful sunny day

Overlooking Longleat…
Overlooking Longleat

A deer? Or possibly an Antelope!
A deer or an antelope


Stunning Longleat House
Longleat House

Uh Oh, Time for the Monkey Mayhem…

They look so innocent don’t they…
Innocent Monkeys

Here they come!! He’s spied something he wants…
Longleat Monkeys

Tom with his broken aerial!! (Now you know what the Monkey spied!)

He's spied something he wants...

The Jungle Cruise!

Onto the boat…
Longleat Boat Safari

Gorgeous lake glistening in the Sun…

Glistening Lake

Sea Lions!!!

Sea Lions

Sea Lions

Onto the Big Cats…

Watch out…
Watch Out

Just Chilling…
Big Cats Chilling

Never turn your back to a Lion!

It’s a Wolf!!


The Hedge Maze

Biggest hedge maze in UK (supposed to take 20-45 mins… took us 5!!)
Hedge Maze

Me above the hedge maze…
Me above the Maze

So that’s it folks… apologies for the lack of decent photography but as I said earlier, if I’d have known, I’d have brought my camera!!

If you’ve never been to Longleat before I would strongly recommend it. We went on the last day of the season (Nov 4th) so there were no crowds and we were lucky with the gorgeous weather. But a bit earlier in the year would probably be preferable… for example, Anne the Elephant didn’t come out to see us when we visited – she was happy enough tucked up inside, away from the cold!

It’s great to have something like this on your doorstep (well it is a 6 hour drive from my home town but near enough!) and i’ll bet that a lot of you won’t have even considered looking around to see what is on your doorstep! We’ve mentioned ‘finding adventure closer to home’ quite a bit on this blog, and any traveller will know how important that is when they’re not hot footing it around the world… you really do have to think outside the box! After all, there ARE tourists in your own country!

So wherever you live and no matter how long you’ve lived there, make an effort to get out and about and find something different to enjoy closer to home – you don’t always have to jet off to another country… you’ve just got to open your eyes!!



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