Can you guess where this was taken?

Can you guess where this was taken?

Having just been asked by Brett Domue of Our Tasty Tavels to identify one of our photos, we thought we’d post another one to see just how many of you can guess where in the world it was taken?

[singlepic id=4164 w=620 h=440 float=center]

Any ideas? Do you think you’ve been here too?

This should be an easy one for all you seasoned travellers!

Leave your answer in the Comments below to show off your worldly knowledge…!

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  1. August 26, 14:05 #1 Aisleen Author

    haha, thanks Si! Yes it would be great to have the great ocean road drive down everyday – much better than boring old highways!

  2. August 26, 13:48 #2 Si

    I’ve been a bit slow reading all the blogs! The glory was there for the taking. I wish I could commute between Adelaide and Melbourne!

    Love the blog, regards

  3. August 11, 15:01 #3 Aisleen Author

    I can tell I’m gonna have to make it a bit more difficult next time aren’t I?!

    WELL DONE! 🙂

  4. August 11, 14:32 #4 Dan Collins

    London Bridge on the Great Ocean Road!! …. well, what’s left of London Bridge on the Great Ocean road haha

  5. August 10, 20:46 #5 Richard

    Rough guess, but I’m going for the Great Ocean Road in the land of Oz.

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