10 things to consider before trekking in Nepal

Everest is not all Nepal has to offer.  Geographically, culturally and spiritually diverse, it’s the scene of some of the world’s most spectacular and most epic trekking trails. Like any true adventure, however, Nepal is not for the faint-hearted. Trekking in the remote and often unforgiving Himalayas is a true human challenge, so it’s important to do your research and plan thoroughly before you go.

Winter Camping Myths Debunked

Camping this winter? Heck yeah! No bugs, fewer bears and deer rummaging through your camp, and the parks aren’t as crowded. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to connect with nature

Tips for dealing with Reverse Homesickness – how to cope with coming ‘home’

Practical tips for coping with reverse homesickness. Wherever you are in the world, we hope these will help fill that gaping hole that appeared in your life since you arrived home.

Tips for the first time solo traveller

Travelling solo for the first time? Tips for feeling more confident and prepared for the solo traveller. Guest post from Luna Anderson, an experienced traveller and hiker!

5 Tips for Travelling Alone

Travelling alone is a skill and one of the life’s most inspiring adventures. When you travel alone, you travel on your terms! You get to do what YOU want when you want. Read our tips for travelling solo.

Escape The Politics… The Traveller Way

Some of the UK most inspirational travellers share the best places to wake up in the world, perfect for those who are fed up with the political posturing.

Sunset photos from around the world

Some of my best travel memories were made while I watched the sunset over rivers, mountains or cityscapes around the world. I’m sure that the sunsets I’ve witnessed are pretty much unbeatable, but decided to ask a bunch of other travellers to send in their pics too…

Overland from Hong Kong to Hanoi… Xin chào Vietnam!

China and South East Asia are one of the best regions in the world to travel overland.

Ten tips for overland travel!

We’ve learnt a lot since we left London for our epic overland journey to Oz, so we thought that it’s about time we shared some of this newfound travel wisdom!

Best Travel Advice you’ve ever been given?

A few months ago, Lonely Planet published an article on the world’s worst travel advice which got me thinking – what is the world’s BEST travel advice?! I asked a few people – both first time travellers and experienced nomads – what is as the best advice you have ever been given, and put their answers together with mine!

Foreign language hiccups… Do you know your cajones from your cojones??

Us Brits aren’t particularly known for our language skills when abroad… Happily however, there are many people out there who DO make an effort with foreign languages – Unfortunately, their efforts do not always go to plan!

Travel Safe for a Trip You’ll Never Forget…

Everybody deserves to experience their travel dreams for real but all too often, those dreams can turn into a nightmare, so here’s how to ensure you have a trip you’ll never forget, but for all the right reasons!

Top Tips for Seeking Out the Northern Lights this Winter…

Last winter visitors to the Northern Lights were treated to spectacular Aurora displays… read our top ten tips to best experience the world’s greatest light show this autumn and winter..!

Solo Adventure Travel…in Egypt!

Would you love to go travelling, but are nervous or concerned about jetting off on your own? This isn’t an unusual problem but don’t dismiss it, as it can be an incredibly rewarding experience, albeit a little nerve-wracking at times!

China: DIY tourism and independent travel…

Following on from our Guide to Train Travel in China we wanted share with you our insights into how to organise your own visits to some of China’s must see attractions, without having to fork out for an organised trip!

Seeking Adventure Closer to Home…

Last month, Richard and I wrote about how to cope with Reverse Homesickness after travelling and one of our tips was to seek adventure closer to home. Well, this weekend we are pleased to announce that we are taking our own advice and heading off on a cycling adventure to the Isle of Wight…

Travel China Overland: Surviving those train journeys

In Part Two of our Guide to Train Travel in China we go into more detail about the train journeys themselves plus answer the question, Hard Sleeper or Soft Sleeper?!

China Overland…why train travel is the only way to go!

Travelling by train in China really is a breeze – it’s cheap, efficient, straightforward and to top it all off, an adventure in its own right.

Travelling as a couple? Our advice…

If there’s one thing better than the amazing experiences you can have while travelling the world, it’s being able to share them with the one you love. But travelling as a couple can have its pitfalls, so we’ve put our heads together and come up with some tips for those of you who are thinking about taking the plunge and embarking on your travel dreams as a couple…

Calling all Travellers: Would you know who to ring for help?

Those of us who live in the UK know that in an emergency you can dial 999 to get through to the police, ambulance service or fire brigade. But what about outside the Great British borders? This Saturday (11th February) marks ‘112 Day’, created to raise awareness of the European single number for emergencies…