Photo Flashbacks….. Up up and away in Cappadocia

Hot Air Ballooning in the Cappadocia region of Turkey is one of life’s great adventures. Here are some photo flashbacks.

Photo Flashback: DIY Roadworks in Nepal!

In the UK, if a landslide or river happened to break open the road and make it unpassable, it would probably take weeks for the authorities to sort it out.

Photo Flashbacks: Prostrating Buddhists at Jokhang Temple…

This month’s photo flashback comes from Lhasa, Tibet – an inspiring place that we were fortunate enough to visit during our recent travels. On our last day in Lhasa we visited what is probably the most important temple in Tibet, Jokhang Temple and came across hordes of people outside the temple – most of the pilgrims were praying, chanting and ‘prostrating’ themselves on the ground…

Photo Flashbacks: Hagia Sofia Mosque in Istanbul

One of the biggest mosques we’ve ever seen! Before we went to Turkey we had no idea that a mosque could look like this… B76EHYKQ2PJ4

Photo Flashback: The Boys at Ayers Rock…

One of our favourite pics of our Australia trip! And possibly our entire trip. Sums up the Oz Bus 21 spirit in one photo I feel! Here is Rich, Chris

Photo Flashbacks: Our favourite Angkor Ruins…

EVERYBODY who has been to Cambodia has no doubt been to Siem Reap and taken a trip up to nearby Angkor – the ancient city that served as the seat

Photo Flashbacks: Rainbow over Lake Wanaka…

This pic was taken as we were cruising up New Zealand’s Haast Pass in Fred, our trusty 21 year old camper van. Looking out over Lake Wanaka we spotted about

Photo Flashbacks: Hanging Plank Road, San Huangzhou

When I look back at this photo now I can’t quite believe I had the nerve to walk around this! This was taken on a magical day back in August

Photo Flashbacks…Health & Safety in Iran!

[singlepic id=4158 w=340 h=520 float=center] Just one of the pics that left us open mouthed in Iran – a child riding in the back of a pick up truck on

Photo Flashbacks… Um, there are some camels in the road

[singlepic id=4140 w=520 h=340 float=center] [singlepic id=4139 w=520 h=340 float=center] Somewhere along the road between Hyderbad and Sukkur in Pakistan we spotted a few dots on the horizon which turned

Photo Flashbacks: Magic Animal Moments!

A huge part of our travels entailed encountering wild and wonderful things that we don’t usually get to experience living in the UK. Here is a selection of some of

Photo Flashbacks…Mental Traffic in Iran

[singlepic id=4059 w=620 h=440 float=center] Believe it or not, this ISN’T a car park! It’s just an ordinary day in the centre of Tehran – one of the worst cases

Photo Flashbacks… Gotta ‘Love’ this pic from Goreme!

[singlepic id=4051 w=620 h=440 float=center] You’ve gotta love this photo from Goreme, Turkey. Taken at Love Valley, so called for obvious reasons.. (well, to those with a less than ‘pure’

Photo Flashbacks…Kutna Hora Crest of Bones

[singlepic id=4052 w=620 h=440 float=center] The Kutna Hora church in South Bohemia is filled with over 30,00 human bones! These belong to the thousands of people who died during the