Guest Post: The Highlights of my Botswana Safari…

Guest Post: The Highlights of my Botswana Safari…

Something that Richard and I have never done is a Safari (apart from our brief ride around Shanghai Wild Animal Park last year) and we were recently contacted by someone who reminded us that should still be very much at the top of our bucket list!

Steve Hutton is a travel enthusiast and writes for Tropical Sky, a leading luxury travel specialist. He LOVES the exotic and far away with a particular passion for African Safaris. Steve told us about his recent trip to Botswana, so we wanted to share some highlights with you!..

The highlights of my Botswana Safari

Last year I got to that point in my life where I looked back and tried to think of what I had accomplished and done. The list was pretty baron and it inspired me to try something new. I have a friend who is keen on wildlife and travels the world regularly, especially going on safaris. I was interested in this idea, so I did some research online to find out where I could go to have the best time for around £2500, which I believed to be a healthy budget. Botswana came back as the best option- recommended by both my internet research and my friend! I booked it for the following year and then waited in anticipation for my trip to come along.

I had a fabulous time and was so happy that I chose Botswana. There was an abundance of wildlife for me to see and the terrain was fantastic. Botswana is one of the only places you can go that is split partly on the Kalahari Desert and partly on the Okavango Delta. This divide provided a diverse range of experiences and I relished every opportunity. Over 35% of Botswana is made up from National Parks and wildlife conservation areas, meaning there is plenty of space to explore when in search of that perfect view.

I was keen on seeing ‘The Big 5’ wild animals on my trip. These are of course lions, leopards, buffalo, elephants and rhinos. The trip didn’t disappoint and it was only the second day on my trip where I saw some of the animals. I went with my wife and the Botswana Safari we opted for had a private 4×4 and tour guide taking us around, which was just perfect. I am also an amateur photography enthusiast so this was the perfect opportunity to test my skills.

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We stayed at the Pom Pom Camp which offered a great choice of activities from game drives to bush walks. The Chobe River also runs near where we saw a number of elephants and sprinting herds of buffalo. The sunset completed my day of epic proportion. It was one of the greatest days I have ever experienced. We were lucky enough to have witnessed, although gruesomely, some of the larger animals preying on the smaller ones, sparking a thrilling chase which got my adrenalin pumping.

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The African Safari really was the best trip I have ever taken, and well worth the investment. It feels like I have now experienced something that only a few get to in their life and I feel truly privileged.

The great thing is that there are plenty of specialist travel providers who can take care of the entire trip for you. This was one thing I worried about when booking but I am pleased to say that I was completely taken care of. I highly recommend you take a safari, it will be the best trip you’ve ever been on!


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