How to make your US adventure even more thrilling

How to make your US adventure even more thrilling

The US of A is a pretty thrilling place full stop, but there are a few things you can do to make the most of your adventure across the pond, as Edel who travelled with Trek America popped by to tell us…

Going on holiday to the USA is an adventure in itself – but if you’re an adrenalin junkie, you can make it even more thrilling. When I visited America I found there was something new to try at every destination I visited.

If you have already started planning your holiday, take a look at where you are set to visit so you can find out what adventurous activities there are to get stuck into. If you’re still struggling to decide, check out some of my suggestions below.

Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon

When I visited the USA with my family, I was lucky enough to see the bright lights of Las Vegas. Sin City itself is, obviously, one of America’s most popular tourist resorts. In fact, it’s like a playground for adults, where you can gamble all day, eat unbelievably delicious food – that’s extremely bad for you – and spend the evening taking in a host of live entertainment.

However, one of its other major draws is that it is situated close to the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. During our stay, we took a helicopter ride from the city over to the deep gorge, which has been carved through the land by the Colorado River.

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Leaving the metropolis of Vegas behind and watching the buildings peter out until there is nothing left below except a seemingly endless wilderness is a sight you will never forget. Then, as if by magic the land seems to fall away from under you as you fly over the canyon itself. You can even book a ride that allows you to drink champagne as you watch the sun either rise or set over the canyon – and keep a keen eye out for wild horses galloping across the land.

Kayak in the Everglades

The Everglades is the largest subtropical wilderness in the USA and has World Heritage Status, such is its ecological importance. From out of the Mississippi River rise majestic mangroves, and the whole ecosystem supports an abundance of wildlife.

Indeed, within the forests panthers roam, while in the waters themselves you will find the American crocodile and the beautiful West Indian manatee. You can book guided boat tours down the river – but nothing beats going independently.

It is possible to book a canoe or kayak and explore the river and water’s edge by paddling your way along. On the way you may even spot the peaceful manatee as it rests close to the shore. You’ll be able to paddle through tunnels created by twisting mangroves, or across ponds where countless birds gather.

Meet Denali’s sled dogs

Denali National Park in Alaska is such a special place, it’s impossible not to fall under its spell. Stretching out for hundreds of acres, it feels remote and peaceful as little more than a single road travels through it.

The park is home to Mount McKinley, which is the highest peak in North America, while there is also an abundance of wildlife here, like grizzly bears. You can go hiking and mountaineering, but for something a little different take a trip to meet the sled dogs.

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Indeed, the sled dogs of Denali are a cultural institution and help to protect the fauna that lives here. You can find out how by seeing one of the demonstrations that is put on at their kennels and you’re certain to fall in love with these beautiful Alaskan huskies.

To start planning your own American adventure, visit Trek America.

Thanks for sharing those Edel and I have to say, Trek America really does have some awesome experiences on offer for travellers. If anyone else would like to share their own ideas of activities and experiences to indulge in whilst travelling, just drop us a line!!


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