In the news already!

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The excitement is most certainly building for our trip now, especially after we were featured in the local paper here in Ipswich!

Already had a lovely message from a local man – Bob – who read our article and told us all about his own trip to Vietnam – thanks Bob (especially for your tip about crossing the road!)

If anyone else has any words of wisdom for us for any of the places we’re visiting, we’d love to hear them!

Our plans appear to be well under way – have started packing up the apartment – a very arduous task and something that is actually a lot more daunting than trying to work out what border crossings we need for South East Asia! (btw – any advice from fellow overlanders would be helpful in this area too!).

Richard has been very good with his lists and general organisation (as usual) and knows exactly what we need to do and when. The utility companies have been informed of our leaving date, the gym membership has been cancelled, our huge list of ‘things to buy’ has been compiled, vaccinations are sorted and our passports have returned to us full of visa stamps!

I think I may have underestimated how much planning is actually involved in a trip like this – luckily Richard didn’t (hence the lists – more about these later!)

Will do another post about what we think is quite a good “travel preparation plan” soon, but for now, i’d better get back to it!

We’d love to hear from people who have gone through the same sort of planning for a round-the-world trip (overland or otherwise) and to pick up some more tips, so please feel free to leave a comment…

Bye for now!


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  1. July 20, 05:33 #1 mbt shoes

    Wonderful journey and experience!

  2. June 21, 21:16 #2 Aisleen Author

    Hiya, thanks so much! The US and Latin America are next on our list after this one – you’ll have to keep us updated on where to go and what to do! Bet you’re well into the swing of things on your trip – we’re just anxious to get going! I think it’s def going to be a learning curve for us as we have a tendancy to over plan at the best of times – but we will definately fight the urge otherwise I know we’ll get all pent up the ‘mishaps! Hope you have a fantastic time – I look forward to reading all about your travels too…

  3. June 21, 21:00 #3 GlobetrotterGirls

    Hey guys, congratulations on being in the paper already! Big trip you’re undertaking, sounds really fun. We left London on May 1st to start our own RTW trip, though ours starts in the States and goes through Latin America before we head on to Asia. Will definitely keep reading your stuff. The best tip we can give you is don’t over-plan. Sometimes you can stick to your plan, other times things change the minute you get to a new location. Leave some room for spontaneity, travel mishaps and exploring new places. Enjoy your travels!

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