Mountain Views, Breakdowns and Blags

Mountain Views, Breakdowns and Blags

On our last full day on Koh Samui we set off bright and early and drove up to the highest viewpoint on the island – 635 metres above the sea. On the way we discovered that the little Suzuki we hired the previous day, whilst 4×4 by name, wasn’t particularly 4×4 by nature! It wheezed and groaned its way up the hills and crawled at 5 km/h up the slightest incline.

Once we had gotten to the viewpoint however, it was well worth the struggle! At one point, we could see three lots of sea in the distance – miles behind the rows and rows of coconut trees that dominate the island. It really was beautiful and worth getting up early for.

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Unfortunately we couldn’t linger long as the car needed to be back by 9am and it was already pushing 8.15 – we knew that it would take around 40 minutes to get back to Mae Nam so turned the Suzuki around, thinking that she’d be grateful for the down hill run! She wasn’t.

As we rounded one of the last corners and went up a slight incline, she ground to a holt and thrashed around, making a helluva noise! Rich tried to change gear to push the jeep on, but to no avail, she simply wouldn’t move. In fact, whatever gear he tried the thing didn’t budge! Oh dear, we thought, this is not good. We’re stuck in the middle of the island, with no phone, no idea what was wrong with our ‘4×4’ and just half an hour to get it back to the rental company!

We rolled it down to the bottom of the road and sat there for a while waiting for someone to drive past. Soon, a young lad rode past on his motorbike and asked us what was wrong – luckily he spoke great English and helped us get it off the road before making a call on his mobile. Soon, someone else wandered over from his house (wearing only a towel), followed by a pickup truck with two more local lads in it. They each took turns to look at the car, before one of them rode off on his bike, returning with a set of screwdrivers. After fiddling with the gear box for a few minutes, he quickly came to the conclusion that the problem was the clutch, or the gears, or both. Either way, he couldn’t fix it!

His mate called up our rental company to tell them where the car was, as we’d have to just leave it there and make our own way back. Being over 40 minutes drive away from Mae Nam we knew that a taxi would cost a fortune – but our local helper had a solution! He yelled at an old woman driving past on her moped and asked her to take us back to our hotel. We negotiated a ‘fee’ of 600 Baht for her troubles, she then disappeared and returned with a pick up truck and drove us all the way back!

The rental company wasn’t particularly happy when we got back (despite the fact that their car was blatantly s**t and broke down) but luckily we hadn’t parted with any money yet. We just paid for the petrol that we’d used and left, vowing never to rent a Suzuki EVER AGAIN!

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We spent the rest of the afternoon chilling out after our eventful morning and took a walk along Mae Nam beach. The weather was beautiful yet again and it was great to be able to take in the scenery without rushing around. We stopped for lunch in a restaurant on the beach (Buddha Bar) which had one of the best locations ever!

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We then walked as far as we could before coming up to a river which cut the beach in half. The water was flowing too fast for us to get across so we took a detour through the nearest private beach resort. Tip-toeing past people’s terraces we made our way over to a bridge and into another posh 5 star resort that we thought would take us back to the beach. Walking across the courtyard however we caught a glimpse of something big, shiny and blue – the massive resort swimming pool!

It looked so tempting that we wondered whether we could perhaps blag our way into it – to be honest, it looked far more appealing than the beach as the sun was shining directly over it and the comfy looking loungers by its side! So we walked over and headed towards a couple of loungers, putting our stuff down and getting ready to relax! A member of staff then walked up to us and asked us if we were staying there to which we replied “yes”. “What room number?” he then asked. “212” I said (we spotted a 212 on the way through to the pool). After a split second during which we both held our breath, he then said, “thank you” and proceeded to lay out our towel for us!

Wow, it worked! We got comfy and soon the pool attendant returned with two more towels and two complimentary water bottles and glasses of ice! We went for a lovely swim in the pool and then sunbathed – taking in our luxury surroundings! After a taste of ‘how the other half live’ we thought that we’d better not push our luck for too long so got changed and left.

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Before returning to the hotel we stocked up on supplies for the next leg of our journey. We’re travelling down towards the Malaysian border where we’ll spend our last night in Thailand. Not too much of an early start this time, but we’ll be sad to leave the beautiful island of Koh Samui. We’ve been so lucky with the weather during our time here and hope that this luck follows us all the way down to Australia!


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  1. December 30, 16:20 #1 Nadine

    How very cheeky of you! Worse than the Germans putting towels on the sunbeds before the sunrise 😉 Koh Samui looks absolutely beautiful!

  2. November 27, 18:38 #2 Mum

    God you two are cheeky monkeys – what a nerve tee hee!!!! Good on ya. Koh Samui looks absolutely beautiful. I’m glad you’ve got your wits about you tho’ and as for that stint up the waterfall, how on earth did you manage in those flipflops PHEW!!! Keep keeping alert, don’t want any accidents eh! LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUU !!!!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. November 27, 05:27 #3 Poi

    Maybe I’ll be brave enough one day to try it – We’re living in Chiang Mai for three months at the moment and bought bicycle to get around on for now, going to start off with a moped sometime soon I think – we’ll see how that goes!

  4. November 26, 15:04 #4 Aisleen Author

    Hiya! Yes, sometimes I think we have far too much excitement for our own good! Rich does all the driving when we’re abroad as he’s far more capable than me! – you can’t drift off for a second though, people over here are literally crazy – they’ll create a fifth lane, weaving in between cars whilst carrying babies and talking on the phone, but you soon learn what to look out for. When renting a car, I’d definitely recommend using a big reputable company rather than trying to save the pennies. We probably should have just spent a few extra quid! 🙂

  5. November 26, 14:54 #5 Poi

    Wow sounds like an exciting day, the view looks worth the hassle with the ‘4×4’ this is why I’m a bit iffy about renting a car while away, that and the drving is mental, how did you find it?

    Well done on your moment of high life living!