My 7 Links – An opportunity to ‘look back’ at past posts!

My 7 Links – An opportunity to ‘look back’ at past posts!

We were recently nominated by @christinahegele (thank you Christina!) to take part in the My 7 Links Project created by Tripbase. The name of the game is to create and share seven long gone but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again. We have read many great My 7 Links blogs over the last few days and after careful deliberation are now pleased to present you with ours!

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Our most beautiful post

This was a really difficult one to choose since we’ve been to so many jaw-droppingly beautiful places during our travels, but when we looked back at the posts, the photos just didn’t seem to do our memories justice. We thought about including our time in Halong Bay, watching the most beautiful sunset we’ve ever seen in Laos or the stunning Great Ocean Road, but finally decided on a place that left us mesmerised whilst on a boat trip in New Zealand…

Mystical Milford Sound –

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Our most popular post

This post has proven to be our most popular, with many people commenting on how helpful our advice on overland travel has been for them. We wrote this when we were just two months into our travels and were so pleased when a fellow traveller we met in Thailand (and consequently travelled with to Australia) told us that everything he had in his backpack was based on this post! One essential item we suggested bringing was an umbrella – he had made it all the way to Bangkok without needing it and was beginning to doubt us, but lo and behold just a week later we were caught in monsoon rains and our advice was deemed to be justified!!

Ten Tips for Overland Travel –

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Our most controversial post

We have chosen this post simply because of its subject matter. Our time in Cambodia was deeply affected by a visit to the Phnom Penh Killing Fields, where we were given a gruesome insight into the tragic history of Cambodians. What we saw and heard at Tuol Sleng prison and then at Choeung Ek will stay with us forever and despite the horror of some of the pictures, we wanted to share this with our readers…

Unearthing the history of Cambodia –

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Our most helpful post

Whilst our Ten Tips for Overland Travel was a good contender for this category, we decided instead to go for another piece of advice we published which we would have been grateful for ourselves. In our quest to do as much of our travels overland as we could, we spent absolutely ages trying to figure out how to get from Hong Kong to Vietnam without having to jump on a plane. This is something that we later discovered was also useful for many other travellers, so without further ado, here is our blow by blow account of that journey…

Easy Overland Travel: Hong Kong to Hanoi –

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The post whose success surprised us

We just wrote this post as a quirky insight into what we managed to feed ourselves during our New Zealand road trip. Our camper van was SO basic but we constantly surprised ourselves with the delicious meals we managed to dish up without so much as a tin of soup in sight!

Cordon Bleu in a Camper Van –

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A post we feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

One place that also affected us deeply was Australia – simply because we totally and utterly fell in love with it! We get fed up with people who say that there is nothing special about Australia – especially when all they have done is spend two or three weeks in a city or beach up the Gold Coast. We urge anyone heading for this huge continent to get deep into the Outback, sleep under the stars, listen to the sounds of the bush and watch the wildlife as the sun goes down over this magical land…

The Magical Mystical land of OZ –

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And last but not least, the post we are both most proud of

I think when you read this, you will understand why it is the post we are both most proud of. I for one have always been afraid of heights, ever since I was little. And Rich, well he loves life so much that he’s always been afraid of dying – so one thing we never thought we would see ourselves doing is a bungy jump! However, sticking to the adage that you only live once and remembering that the name of our blog is Life’s Great Adventures, we knew that we couldn’t leave Queenstown, NZ, without doing something amazing…

Three Two One BUNGEEEE!!!! –

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So that’s it folks – our 7 Links! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading them and we look forward to hearing what you think!

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