Pet Peeves from fellow travellers!

So end of day two and Leighton got everyone on the bus to write down their pet peeves and most hated habits of their fellow human beings. Had to do something to break up the 8 hour drive through Belgium to Germany! But v useful as gives us all a heads up on what will drive everybody loco!

Will fill you in on our Heidelburg/Germany experience tomorrow (awesome currywurst and reisling!) but for now, here are the main pet peeves that everyone came up with so that you can also keep them in mind when travelling!

Constant complaining and unnecessary cynicism
No need for it and it just brings everyone down. If you don’t want to be there, go home.

Snoring (this came up a lot)
You may not realise you snore, but when you wake up surrouned by shoes, hairbrushes and other debris you’ll soon realise that you do!

Leaving doors open/light’s on
A no-brainer. People can’t sleep if you turn the lights on!

Toenail clippings
These little buggers get EVERYWHERE! So go out onto the street to clip your toenails

Body odour and bad personal hygiene
Unless you have some sort of religious aversion to deodourant, there’s no excuse. Not only will you not make friends fast you will probably make everybody within ten foot of you throw up when travelling!

Wet bathroom floors and people leaving their wet towels everywhere!

Nose picking in public
Erm, Yuk

Leaving people out
If you do see somebody who is travelling on their own go and talk to them – it cost nothing and you may even make them smile!

People talking loudly at night when others are trying to sleep

Lack of manners:
As Leighton says – “manners cost nothing but you can pay for not having them”

Lack of patience with a new culture:
Remember, this is the reason we travel, to experience new cultures – not everybody in the world lives the wau you do and just because they don’t, doesn’t mean they’re wrong! Tolerance goes a long way and can be the differnce between a frustration trip and an inspiring trip.

Grinding teeth and crackin knuckles

Not keeping floor space clear at night:
So annoying when you’re trying to creep into bed after a night out and you trip over all the crap that everyone has left all over the floor. Makes so much more noise than you think!

People who go to sleep late at night:
Again this is linked to waking others up! If you’re going to be late or are going out on the piss, let other know or better still- go and sleep in another room!

Loud music:
Remember, not everybody loves AC/DC or Lady Gaga s0 be considerate of others – put headphones in and keep them at about 4 or 5. That’s all you need!

Being Late!
This applies to departure times – if you’re supposed to be somewhere at a certain time, BE THERE! I have to say I was guilty of this one this morning as I couldn’t find my travel sickeness pills and there was no way I was getting on that bus without them! So ending up being 10 mins late for departure which prob didnt go down well!

Two faced people:
If you’ve gotta share a bus or spend a lot of time with a bunch of strangers, there’s no point in pretending to be nicey nicey and then slagging them off behind their back. Just be upfront about it. Again and Leighton says, don’t kill them with kindness, it’ll come back to bite you in the end!

Leaving dirt / hairs everywhere:
Not good. And us girlies are usually the culprits! If you brush your hair and out come the clumps – clean them up. No-one wants to be walking in your leftovers.

If anyone else has some pet peeves to add to the list – please do so- you’ll make the world a better place! 😉