Photo Flashback: DIY Roadworks in Nepal!

Photo Flashback: DIY Roadworks in Nepal!

In the UK, if a landslide or river happened to break open the road and make it unpassable, it would probably take weeks for the authorities to sort it out. Not so in Nepal. These guys take this sort of thing in their stride! A few rocks and stones later, and voila! The road is fixed…

[singlepic id=1138 w=620 h=440 float=center]

This is Rich attempting to test out their ‘quick fix’ on our rented motorbike after we were stopped in our tracks by a great big hole in the road!

Don’t you just love ‘bodged jobs’? We came across loads of examples of these on our travels – the Health and Safety Police have definitely not made it round to places like Nepal, India or Pakistan yet!


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