Photo Flashbacks: Prostrating Buddhists at Jokhang Temple…

Photo Flashbacks: Prostrating Buddhists at Jokhang Temple…

This month’s photo flashback comes from Lhasa, Tibet – an inspiring place that we were fortunate enough to visit during our recent travels.

The Buddhist faith is extremely important to the Tibetan people, something that is evident everywhere you go. On our last day in Lhasa we visited what is probably the most important temple in Tibet, Jokhang Temple (House of Buddha) and came across hordes of people outside the temple – most of the pilgrims were praying, chanting and ‘prostrating’ themselves on the ground.

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Prostration is an important part of Tibetan devotion to Buddhism. To earn merit with Buddha and the gods Tibetan people prostrate themselves by lying face-down on the ground and stretching out their arms and legs. They also touch their hands to the foreheads (representing the mind), mouths (speech) and chest (body) each time. It was strange and fascinating to watch – we also saw people doing this outside Potala Palace and apparently people ideally prostrate themselves 100,000 times a year!

This act of prayer is not only limited to temples but they also do it on roads, streets and pavements. It was so refreshing to see so many people completely devoted to their faith.

Have you ever been witness to seemingly ‘bizarre’ acts of faith on your travels? Tell us about them below!


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