Safeguarding your holiday snaps

When you’re backpacking across the world it’s not that easy to pick up souvenirs from the countries you have visited and haul them with you until you return home. So often, the photographs that you take along the way are your only ‘memories’ of your trip and if anything was to happen to these precious pics, you’d probably be quite devastated!

This is what nearly happened to us, so we’ve compiled a short list of the things you could do to help safeguard your photographs while you travel…

Back up, Back up, Back up

– This was our original plan and we thought we’d had it all worked out. We had a netbook, a usb stick and had set up a Windows Live account with a huge online storage allowance. BUT, Windows Live proved to be far too incompatible with slow connections, our netbook broke and our USB stick ran out of space. So we had to keep them all on the camera which was completely vulnerable to viruses etc on the 100’s of public computers we’ve been forced to use since our own computer died.

The solution? Take time to find a reliable online storage program – free solutions like Picassa and Flickr are great but have a limited amount of space. Some of them allow you to purchase more space and this is really worth it considering how valuable your ‘once in a lifetime snaps’ are to you. Lost in Technology has a good list of some our your best options. The most important thing is to back up REGULARLY – you don’t want to be held up for hours on end uploading your pics. Do it every couple of days then it isn’t a hassle.

Save your photos to DVD

– This is something we have now started doing and have nearly three DVDs full of snaps from our travels. DVD’s hold a lot more photos than CD’s and you can buy a wheel of them relatively cheaply (especially in Asia as we’ve found). Just take your camera and blank dvd into any reliable internet café and copy them across. If you don’t have your own DVDs, many places offer this service for a small price anyway. Just be sure to keep them in a safe place so that they don’t get scratched or crushed in your bag!

Virus Protection

– Our problem was down to catching a virus from pubic computers in hotels or dodgy internet cafes so steer clear of any PC that hasn’t got an anti-virus program installed on it (this is easy to check – just look at the bottom right of the start bar to see if there are any anti-virus logos displayed there – if there isn’t, the chances are that the computer is unprotected). If you go to an internet café, they usually wipe their computers after each use so it’s much safer to do any photo viewing/editing and copying there.

Start a photo blog

– Whether you prefer to use Blogger, Flickr or WordPress, it’s worth starting up a photo blog. This way, even if the worst happens and you lose your camera and DVDs, you’ll still have all of your fav pics to view online. Setting up an account on any of these sites is easy and they all have step by step instructions to get you started.

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  1. October 11, 03:25 #1 Anya Clowers

    Thanks for the tips – I lost all of my Venice photos when my jetlagged brain left the case (w the memory card in it) on the train. How right you are about photos being the best souvenirs…

    Will RT on twitter (@JetWithAnya) and my Jet With Kids facebook page.
    Thanks again!