Overland from Hong Kong to Hanoi… Xin chào Vietnam!

China and South East Asia are one of the best regions in the world to travel overland.

China: DIY tourism and independent travel…

Following on from our Guide to Train Travel in China we wanted share with you our insights into how to organise your own visits to some of China’s must see attractions, without having to fork out for an organised trip!

Travel China Overland: Surviving those train journeys

In Part Two of our Guide to Train Travel in China we go into more detail about the train journeys themselves plus answer the question, Hard Sleeper or Soft Sleeper?!

China Overland…why train travel is the only way to go!

Travelling by train in China really is a breeze – it’s cheap, efficient, straightforward and to top it all off, an adventure in its own right.

Highs and Lows of an Epic Adventure…

When Richard and I first decided to go travelling we didn’t know quite what to expect. Having never been on anything more adventurous than a two week holiday to Spain,

Photo Flashbacks: Hanging Plank Road, San Huangzhou

When I look back at this photo now I can’t quite believe I had the nerve to walk around this! This was taken on a magical day back in August

Easy overland travel: Hong Kong to Hanoi…

Since we have just completed the China to Vietnam stretch of our trip without any major hitches we thought we’d better tell you how we did it, in case you

Leaving behind the topsy turvy world of China…

We are now in Hong Kong having made our way here by train. Once again, the whole process was easy peasy apart from the fact that we ‘forgot’ we were

Tai Chi and Swanky Bars…

Another brilliant day in Shanghai. We got up at 5.45am on our last full day here so that we could go to People’s Park and see if we could scope

Where East meets West and rich meets poor…

We’ve been in Shanghai for a couple of days now and discovered that it really does have a cool vibe. The river area is just unbelievable – you literally don’t

On Cloud 9 in Shanghai…

We’ve made it to Shanghai! The train journey from Dengfeng took 7 hours and was fairly uneventful and very boring. Definitely prefer those overnight trains! We arrived at People’s Square

Land of Shaolin Monks and Mountains…

So our last day in Xian didn’t quite go to plan – we had set our alarms for 6am to give us time to check out and get round to

Xian and the Terracotta Warriors

As you know we got to Xian yesterday morning quite early – about half 8ish. We made our way from the station to the hostel by bus (only missed our

Giant Pandas and another overnight train!

We spent our last full day in Beijing with some Giant Panda’s at Beijing Zoo! We had planned to go to a nature reserve in Chengdu to see the Panda

Kung Fu Monks & the Great Wall of China

We tried to get to bed early after the show as we were heading to the Great Wall at 6.30 in the morning. That didn’t quite go to plan however as our alarm didn’t go off and we were woken abruptly at quarter to seven by Michale from the hostel knocking on our door! “Wake up please, the guide and the other customers are waiting for you!” Oh dear…

Peking duck, brights lights & famous sites..

The fact that our train from Lhasa to Beijing was actually really comfy meant that we didn’t have to catch up on any sleep once we arrived in Beijing so

46 Hours later…and we’re in Beijing!

Well, we survived the two day, two night train journey from Lhasa to Beijing and arrived here bright and early this morning! Despite the horror stories of hard sleepers on

Goodbye Oz Bus, Hello China

Well, we have now said our goodbyes to Oz Bus 19 and headed off on our lonesome to China! We left Kathmandu on the 21st August at around 5.45am (along with