British Columbia – As Nature Intended….

One of the world’s most stunning landscapes – thank you to MyDestinationInfo for an insight into the beautiful region of British Columbia… To be walking in a place where man

The magical mystical land of Oz…

Well our time in Australia is nearly up (for now anyway) and it’s fair to say that it’s been an absolutely amazing ride! From the moment we set foot in

Koalas, Emu’s & The Great Ocean Road…

After our adventures in the Grampian’s National Park we set off for the Great Ocean Road, widely purported to be one of the ‘best coastal driving roads in the world’!

White Kangaroo’s & The Mighty Grampians

With the Christmas festivities behind us we left Adelaide at around 7.30am and set off towards the state of Victoria. We were heading for the Grampian’s National Park – a