Tales of the Outback…The Blue Mountains

Tales of the Outback…The Blue Mountains

Let us take you on a journey through the Australian Outback to explore the myths and legends surrounding some of the country‘s most mesmerising sights…

Legends of the Blue Mountains

Whilst not strictly in the Outback (the Blue Mountains are 110km west of Sydney) this part of the country is alive and kicking with myths and legends surrounding some of its best known and most spectacular rock formations. The most famous of these formations is the Three Sisters – which tell the tale of three aboriginal sisters who were turned to stone by their father thousands of years ago. He was a witch doctor who changed them into stone in order to save them from a fearful creature called Bunyip and is said to still be searching for a way to bring them back to life. You will find many more examples of aboriginal legends all over the Blue Mountains which get their name from the blue haze of eucalyptus oil in the air.

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