Tales of the Outback…The Devil’s Marbles

Tales of the Outback…The Devil’s Marbles

Let us take you on a journey through the Australian Outback to explore the myths and legends surrounding some of the country‘s most mesmerising sights…

The Devils Marbles

About 100km south of Tennant Creek and 393km north of Alice Springs, lie one of Australia’s most fascinating and most photographed sites, the Devil’s Marbles [link to our site]. The local aboriginal people know them as Karlu Karlu and whilst many of us may dismiss them as simple, albeit astonishing, geological landmarks – the legend behind them is much more compelling. The Warumungu people refer to the stones as the eggs of the great Rainbow Serpent, Goorialla. As one of Aboriginal legend’s most revered dreamtime creatures, Goorialla is famous for his part in creating much of the landscape you see throughout Australia. He travelled across the land from South to North in search of a place to call home – his mighty body forming mountains and gorges along the way. As products of the Rainbow Serpent, the Devil’s Marbles are said to hold extraordinary powers and any disturbance to the gigantic rocks are said to result in life-threatening consequences for their guardians.

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