Tales of the Outback…The Olgas

Tales of the Outback…The Olgas

Let us take you on a journey through the Australian Outback to explore the myths and legends surrounding some of the country‘s most mesmerising sights…

The Olgas

This fascinating group of ancient rock formations is found in the same area as Ayers Rock – the Kata Tjuta National Park – and as most of the Outback’s famous landmarks, the Olgas have a story of their own to tell. These 36 sandstone domes are said to be home for many Aboriginal ancestors such as the snake king Wanambi who sleeps in a watering hole at the summit of Mount Olga; the Kangaroo man Malu; Mulumura the lizard woman and the Lira – a group of poisonous snake men. These rocks are really impressive from a distance and can even be seen from Ayers Rock. They form a spectacular sight at sunset but getting up close and personal to them is an even more amazing experience, full of great photo opportunities!

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