Tenerife: the place of eternal spring…

Tenerife: the place of eternal spring…

Time for another guest post from MyDestinationInfo, who this week, wanted us to hear all about Tenerife and what delights it has to offer

The largest of the Canary Islands and home of the highest peak in Spain, Mount Teide, Tenerife is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and for good reason. Its pristine beaches and sparkling sapphire seas have made it one Europe’s most attractive islands for relaxation.

Tenerife is known as the “place of eternal spring” due to the fact that it shares the same latitude with the Sahara Desert, giving the island consistently warm temperatures throughout the entire year. It is the ultimate chill out spot whether this means lying on a beach and enjoying the sun, taking a walk amongst the wildlife or indulging in some watery fun in the powerful Atlantic.

Tenerife sunset

Island Activities

But if lying on a beach all day really isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other activities for you to get stuck into whilst on Tenerife. There are lots of water based activities such as scuba-diving, jet boating, water parks and whale or dolphin watching. If you want to do some shopping then head down to the shopping centres in Santa Cruz de Tenerife where you can also see the Audotorio de Tenerife, the modern architectural symbol of the Canary Islands.

 Tenerife Dolphins.

Tenerife’s rugged landscape was shaped through numerous volcanic eruptions over the ages and its current form was created three million years ago after Mount Teide fused together three separate islands through its activity. These former islands are now known as the mountain ranges of Valle de Fan Lorenzo, Anaga and Teno and provide the more adventurous visitor with some fantastic opportunities for day hikes.

Teide is in fact the world’s third largest volcano and is steeped in myth and legend. The indigenous people of the islands believed that the mountain housed the forces of evil and that every eruption is the attempts of the devil to free himself.

The vast national park that the mountain sits in is the most visited region within the Canary Islands and in fact, the whole of Spain and presents some fantastic photo opportunities for those who decide to check it out for themselves.

 Tenerife Dolphins.

Local Gastronomy

After all that activity you are bound to turn your thoughts to food at some point in the day, and luckily Tenerife is rife with great restaurants outside of the tourist traps which offer a unique variety of local food. The warm climate assures a steady supply of fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, green beans and olives and the island’s love affair with the sea provides restaurants with a sublime selection of fine sea food such as sardines, tuna and crab.

Furthermore, the mix of African, European and Latin American cultures has created unique dishes of incredible variety, perfected through the use of different spices and herbs such as oregano, basil and saffron. Enjoy the local mojo sauces that change in taste and in spiciness depending on where you go!

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By Andris Piebalgs

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