The Canadian Adventure: Ontario…

The Canadian Adventure: Ontario…

One of the worlds most awesome places and a far cry from its ‘nice but boring’ image, Canada is a definite must for those of you who appreciate beauty, adventure and fun. MyDestinationInfo fills us in on Ontario…

Ontario, the most populous region in Canada, is known for being a land of exquisite natural beauty, home to over 250,000 lakes and 100,000 kilometers of rushing water. It is of no surprise that the name Ontario was originally derived from the languages of the indigenous tribes of Huron or Iroquois who named the region ‘great lake’ or ‘beautiful water’.

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The amount of thrilling outdoor activities available to the adventurer are endless due to the presence of rushing waters, lush forests and towering cliffs. Kayaking and canoeing are favourite options for many as they offer you the chance to admire the surrounding scenery whilst you get your adrenaline rush. Be warned however –  some of the white water areas have been classified as class 3 or 4 so be prepared for a bumpy ride as you career over the writhing waves!  Alternatively, you can go scuba diving in what is described as some of the best fresh water diving in the world or swim amongst the eerie remains of sunken ships from Ontario’s historic past.

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If you are still feeling adventurous, why not go spelunking (aka potholing) in the Collingwood Scenic Caves or climbing at the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park? You can also explore Ontario by bike as the bike trails and innovative Bike Trains are a fantastic way to get around!

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One of Ontario’s most famous sights is the mighty Niagara Falls, but you may not be aware that this area is also renowned for some of the best nightlife in the province. Once you have finished marveling at the power of one of the earth’s most stunning waterfalls, just kick back and enjoy the vibe at one of the many clubs, bars or shows on offer.

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The cities of Toronto and Ottawa are great for cultural exploration. Toronto is renowned for its architectural diversity and is also home to a wide variety of theatres, operas, plays, nightclubs and bars. Ottawa, the country’s capital, is more known as the location of a variety of international festivals such as Winterlude, Bluesfest and SuperEX which each offer an amazing entertainment experience.

For food and drink, there is a diverse range of restaurants around Ontario offering everything from organic homemade food to a more international culinary experience. Accommodation in Ontario is easy to find as well, regardless of the price and location you are looking for.

So if you’re planning your next adventure, why not head over to Canada and take advantage of Mother Nature in all her glory…

By Andris Piebalgs


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