The Devils Marbles and fun at Bo Jangles…

The morning after our ‘swagging under the stars’ experience we boarded the bus for the 12 hour journey to Alice Springs. En route, Mark stopped the bus along the Stuart Highway to give us the opportunity to climb a big rock which towered over the road. It doesn’t have a particular name, just looked really cool! Richard climbed up to the top and took some pics of the road below.

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Once the climbers were done we continued our drive via one of the Outback’s biggest attractions – The Devil’s Marbles. These huge rock formations are made of granite, with their unique shapes being formed by erosion over millions of years. We spent some time exploring them whilst Mark gave us a talk about their role in local aboriginal legends, as well as explaining a bit more about their geology.

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Our next mini-stop on the way to Alice Springs was a roadhouse. Not just any roadhouse but the most central pub in Australia!

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As we were nearing Alice Springs, our tour leader Michelle got very excited. We were about to cross the Tropic of Capricorn (which is her star sign!).

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When we finally reached Alice Springs it was about 8pm. That evening was the first night that Richard and I were separated since we left Oz Bus 19 in August as there were only dorm rooms available at the busy Haven hostel. Fortunately it was only for one night! A few minutes after we checked in, a few of us headed straight back out again to try and make last orders at Bo Jangles – a quirky restaurant & bar that Mark had told us about where we could sample Kangaroo, Emu, Camel, Buffalo and Crocodile! We just about made it and soon tucked in to some unique Aussie flavours! I liked pretty much all of them except for the Camel but Richard was most keen on the Buffalo steak!

Once we’d eaten, we had a wander around the bar which was packed with memorabilia, flags, photographs, boots hanging from the ceiling and all sorts of weird and wonderful objects! The other unique thing about Bo Jangles are the webcams situated around the bar where customer’s friends and family from around the world can go online and watch their loved ones enjoy themselves! Even better than that, they can log onto the website and buy them a drink!! Some of the guys we were with sent their parents, siblings and friends text messages to let them know they were there and we spent most of the night waving to webcams hoping that they could see us.

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We all had a great night – fellow Oz-busers James, Anna and Chris especially, as they were treated to over $100 worth of alcohol by people back home! James was bought 2 litres of beer by his beloved, which he very generously shared with us and we had a brill night drinking, singing and laughing until closing time!


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