The magical mystical land of Oz…

The magical mystical land of Oz…

Well our time in Australia is nearly up (for now anyway) and it’s fair to say that it’s been an absolutely amazing ride! From the moment we set foot in Darwin we’ve loved every minute of our Aussie adventure. We were initially dubious as to whether a ‘normal’ country such as this could possibly excel over exotic places such as Laos, Vietnam or Nepal, but it has more than exceeded our expectations!

Our first introduction to Australia was the famous ‘Outback’ where we threw ourselves into the stereotypical Aussie lifestyle. Camping under the stars, dodging Kangaroos, bushwalking through National Parks and gazing at ancient Aboriginal rock art are just some of ways we filled each action-packed day in the Northern Territory.

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As we continued our journey south through the vast cattle stations and farms of the Red Centre we’ve been lucky enough to come face to face with some of the world’s most iconic landmarks. The mighty Uluru, breathtaking Kings Canyon and intriguing Devil’s Marbles have been massive highlights of our trip and we’ll never forget ‘swagging it’ under the stars with the sounds of howling dingoes ringing in our ears.

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Victoria’s Great Ocean Road demonstrated another side to Australia, with dramatic limestone cliffs and sparkling blue seas providing a stark contrast to the dryness of the outback. The striking blue skies which dominate the landscape have never ceased to amaze us and I can’t imagine ever getting tired of walks along the coast or the sounds of the ever present wildlife around us.

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The cities too have been multi-cultural and vibrant, we loved the trendy bars and friendly people and immersed ourselves as much as we could in the Aussie urbanite’s way of life.

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Each state we have visited has been unique and reminded us of how incredibly diverse this country is. The more time we spent here the more we understood the meaning of the word ‘special’. Australia is a special place and what’s more, the people who live here understand that. It’s so refreshing to hear the pride with which Australian’s refer to their homeland and witness the care that is taken to ensure that its landscape, cultures and wildlife are preserved for all to enjoy.

We can honestly say that Australia has been a magical experience for us and is without a doubt the most amazing country we have ever visited. Words can’t really express just how much we’ve loved being here – it’s a feeling that can only be recognised by those who have felt the same. We may be heading off to pastures new right now, but one thing is for sure, Australia hasn’t seen the last of us!!


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  1. January 21, 09:52 #1 Auntie Pat

    WOW! You can really see how much this place meant to you. I recently spoke to people who had absolutely nothing good to say about Australia other than it was expensive! Isn’t it amazing how different people can be! BTW a belated Happy New Year!! I did text you but some
    how I think maybe you don’t have your old mobile phone with you lol! xx

  2. January 16, 01:29 #2 sarah

    really well written and so well put… it’s hard to try and explain the feeling that you feel when you visit or live in Australia as it really is a diverse and inspiring place… and the word ‘special’ i think says it all