Stop the Press! Apparently travel makes you more attractive…

Stop the Press! Apparently travel makes you more attractive…

As if you needed ANY more reason to go travelling, here’s one more…

According to a survey conducted by Intrepid Travel &, single people who are looking for love should talk about their travel plans and show off their holiday snaps if they want to attract potential partners.

The adventure tour operator’s poll found that eight in ten (79%) find a potential partner more attractive if their dating profile lists an interest in travel.


Shared Interests

Nine in ten of those surveyed (89%) said people with an interest in travel are more adventurous. Keen travellers were also thought to be curious about the world (84%), open-minded (75%) and cultured (68%), but one in five singles (19%) admitted they find an interest in travel attractive because it means their potential partner has money to spend on luxuries (Unless you’re a smelly, unwashed backpacker on a budget of course! lol)

“Having shared interests is important for most relationships, so if you’re searching for a partner with a passion for seeing the world, make sure you mention your travel aspirations and show off some of your best holiday or travel photos to boost your chances of finding someone with similar interests,” said Sarah Beeny, TV personality (yep, that woman off Property Ladder!) and Founder of

Travelling with a new partner

Most singles wait between two and six months before going away with a new partner, but over-35s are the most likely to take a trip within the first month of dating.

For men, the ideal first trip with a new partner involves getting off-the-beaten-track to explore a new culture, or getting active on a sailing, hiking or cycling holiday. Women would prefer to visit galleries, museums and monuments on a city break.

 Beach Couple

“With Valentine’s Day approaching, lots of people will be thinking about whisking their partner away for a romantic break, but if it’s the first time you’ve been away together then you may want to choose the destination together,” said Nicola Frame from Intrepid Travel. “It might not sound as romantic, but at least it will appeal to both of you, plus you’re less likely to argue if it doesn’t all work out perfectly.

Choosing the right destination

“For city sightseeing, cultural discovery and activity, try Marrakech with its exotic souks, relaxing hammams and the Atlas Mountains within easy reach. For long-haul, Thailand offers vibrant markets and temples, hiking in hilltribe villages and sailing around exotic islands,” she added.

More than half the singles surveyed by Intrepid (56%) admitted they have had a holiday romance, with one in three continuing to see each other when they returned home.

So there you have it all you lovely travel peeps… Travel is your Passport To Love!..

Do you find people more attractive if they are into travelling? Have you ever fallen for someone you’ve met whilst on your travels? Let us know!!


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  1. June 18, 12:54 #1 Aisleen Author

    Aw what a great story of love and travel!! 🙂 And you’re right – I can totally understand why travellers are some of the most loveable! We ROCK! 😉

  2. June 14, 17:15 #2 Dan @ A Cruising Couple

    My wife and I got engaged on a trip to Boston, honeymooned on an 8-week road trip across the US, and spent our first two years of marriage teaching English in Taiwan. Travelers are open to ideas, exploring the unknown and looking for adventure… what’s not to love!?!

  3. April 27, 18:57 #3 Aisleen Author


  4. April 27, 10:26 #4 The Traveling Fool

    This is good to know I need all the help I can get.

  5. March 08, 13:04 #5 Aisleen Author

    Summed it up in one sentence jessica! 🙂

  6. March 08, 06:14 #6 Jessica

    of course people who travel are more attractive – they are more open, love freedom and have a greater sense of adventure and uncertainty = so attractive!