We’re in Iran and are instant millionaires!

[singlepic id=820 w=620 h=440 float=center]Just got to Tabriz in Iran. Very hot here but we are now official millionaires having just exchanged our cash for Iranian Rial!

A heads up to our ‘Facebook Friends’ and Twitter Followers – both FB and T are banned in Iran so until (or if) we find a way around it don’t expect any replies to any comments! Our website still works (obviously) so you can either leave a comment on there or send us an email!

Speak to you again soon!

Aisleen & Richard



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  1. July 23, 05:25 #1 Aisleen Author

    St Chris is firmly tucked in! Iran good so far – not what I expected. People v friendly and you can’t really walk down the streets without people saying hi and wanting to shake your hand! We’re just about to set off for Tehran so spk to you soon!!! x

  2. July 22, 18:42 #2 Mum

    Hi hun, hope the driver isn’t a kamikaze driver! He better look after you all. Make sure you have yourself well and truly covered and don’t have St Christopher on show. Look forward to hearing all about Iran when you get the chance to do so. Love ya lots xxxxxxxx