White Kangaroo’s & The Mighty Grampians

With the Christmas festivities behind us we left Adelaide at around 7.30am and set off towards the state of Victoria. We were heading for the Grampian’s National Park – a stunning set of sandstone mountain ranges – where we would spend the night at a ‘wilderness lodge’ in the heart of the countryside.

As we neared the border between South Australia (SA) and Victoria we stopped off at the aptly named ‘Bordertown’ for lunch. This is a quaint little town first established as a resting place for Gold hunters, due to its location halfway between SA and the goldfields of Melbourne.

Something that is unique to Bordertown is the Wildlife Park – home of the White Kangaroos! We could hardly believe that they were Kangaroos from a distance – they looked more like bright white goats. But sure enough they were, so we stared at them for a while before continuing our journey towards the Grampians.

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Once we crossed over to Victoria we had to put our watches forward yet again – just half an hour this time!

Our first stop in the Grampians National Park was a waterfall called ‘MacKenzie Falls’. There is a walkway winding down beside the falls where you can get great views from different angles. The best view of course being from the bottom!

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Nearby is another waterfall known as ‘Broken Falls’ due to the way the water breaks up and flows down several vertical ridges.

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A little further along the winding roads of the park are a couple of lookout points where we had fantastic views over the impressive mountain range.

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We also had a great view of the distant Wartook Lake, which is used as a reservoir providing water for nearby towns.

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The day soon came to an end so we finished our sightseeing and drove to the ‘Asses Ears Wilderness Lodge’ where we were staying the night. This is set on fantastic farmland in the middle of nowhere and the grounds are overrun by Kangaroos which we were very pleased about!

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Rich and I helped out with the evening meal that night – pasta, garlic bread and salad and if we’re allowed to brag, it was really tasty!

The cabin’s we slept in that night were really snug and we managed to get a good night’s sleep despite being separated again. The next morning we were heading off to one of Victoria’s highlights – the Great Ocean Road – something that we had been looking forward to ever since we stepped foot Down Under!…


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